Working for Peace and Human Unity

Workshops and Seminars 2017


26: Sourcing our Oneness

24: Sound Healing by Svaram

14: AV Art Service Presentation

10: Presentation on GST awareness

5: Student Group Visit

2,9,16,23: Films on Economy with Pranit and Siddharth

2: Line of Goodwill Workshop


21: Introduction on GST by Kumar

20: Presentation by Sacred Groves

15: Line of Goodwill Workshop

8: GST Task Force meeting by ABC

6: Presentation by Sacred Groves

5: Films on Economy with Pranit and Siddharth

5: Line of Goodwill Workshop


24: Workshop on desi cotton (locally grown cotton in India) by Upasana

12,13,15,16: Presentation by Sacred Groves

3: Family get-together of the Unity Pavilion Team


28-30: Stewardship and Leadership Workshop in Tamil for Auroville Employees

19: Line of Goodwill – Workshop by Jaya

19: Sound Bath by Swaram

12: Earth and Bamboo workshop by AV Consultants

6: Earth and Bamboo workshop by AV Consultants


18: Discussion and presentation with some of the architects from AV by Aupama Khundoo Architects, Auroville

10: Women’s Circle oraganised by Ecofemme

9: Educational Ambassadors workshop, organised by Eco Femme

8: Advancing research in AV,  Workshop by Dave, Elvira

7: Aspiration Program for Newcomers

6: Auroville Women’s Health Survey, Presentation by Paula

2-4: Stewardship and Leadership workshop for AV workers


30: Jacob’s Ladder: Where Must it Lead to? The Future of Man Lecture by Dr. Sehdev Kumar

23: Nature/Nurture Debate? What makes Us who We are: Biology or Culture? Lecture by Dr. Sehdev Kumar

22-26: Crafting Luxury and Lifestyle Businesses, Camp organised by IIM Ahmedabad

19: Global Networking of Youth

17: Film show and discussion by AVI Ireland

17: Earth & Bamboo Workshop by AV Consultants

16: How do we humans communicate with each other, and with the universe? The Birth of Science, Arts and the Languages Lecture by Dr. Sehdev Kumar

14: Presentation on Hispano Americano People by Jose Luis

9: What is so unique about Human presence in the Universe? Lecture by Dr. Sehdev Kumar

1,15,22,29: Sound Bath by Swaram


28: Closing Celebration of Art for Land exhibition cum Auction with concert by Nadaka

27: Mudra and Navarasa – Nine emotions Workshop by Devasmita

25: Art for Land Auction

25: “Discover the grace of Odissi” workshop for All Ages with Devasmita

19: Presentation on Land by Sigrid

19: Sourcing our Oneness : Interactive Program

17-24: AVI Program

18: “Mother and Sri Aurobindo” Lecture by Loretta

17: “The coming of New Force” Lecture by Loretta

14: A film by Rakhal on early days of Auroville and his intervention

13: Sharing about the early days in Auroville by Frederick

10-14: Seminar on IPK: Integral Education and Self-Development

8,15,22: Movies on New Economy Experiments

8: Bollywood Dance Workshop by Sobhana

3-5: Stewardship for New Emergence Workshop Stage 3

2,6,9,16: Yoga Nidra based on the Four qualities of the Mother (Goodness, Generosity, Equality and Peace) by Veronik

1: Presentation on Land by Sigrid

1: Inauguration of Art for Land exhibition

1,8,15,22: Sound Bath by Svaram


28: Understanding Intuition – Talk by Sameer

28: Talk on Economy by Divyanshi

27: African Traditional Medicine – Presentation by Aunkh

26: Village Elders Meeting on Waste Management

25: Land Fundraising Presentation

23: Interactive session on Economy by Jaya

22: Soul Motion Dance Workshop by Martin Seixtner

19: Volunteer Evening by SAVI

19: Info on land, together with land board – Sigrid

16: Science and Spirituality Open forum

13: Soul Motion Dance Workshop by Martin Seixtner

12: Presentation of Land videos by Sigrid

8-11: Regression Therapists Presentation and Workshop

06: Ecovillage Design Course by Youthlink

04,11,18,25: Sound Bath by Svaram

03: Odissi Dance Workshop by Devasmita

01: Soul Motion Dance Workshop by Martin Seixtner