Working for Peace and Human Unity

2018 Community Meetings


17: Entry Board meets with young and inspired Auroville youth who have turned 18

14: Growing Auroville Economy – Presentation and Interactive session by FAMC

12: Working Committee General Meeting


14: Open Amendments session

12: Entry group meets with newly declared Aurovilians


7: General Meeting to Hear Land Protection Group & Community Update
5: Land Board Selection Process – RAS and WC


30: Peace meditation in the light of Arifa incident

16: Presentation on Matrimandir by the new executive team followed by Q&A

14: Prosperity Meeting


30: Restorative Circle meeting

30: AVC subgroup meeting

24: Silent Presence Keepers’ meeting

23: Restorative Circle meeting

16: All Pavilion groups meeting

7: Meeting of the pool of arbiters


16-19: AVI Meetings

13: Meeting of New Members of AVC, WC, FAMC


30: Create Auroville Together (CAT) workshop on the New Economy Lab

20: Meeting of Silent Presence Keepers – Iris

5: Mentor Support Program by Aspiration Program Team